About Rodina Inc.


We Provide the following services: Trucking (dump truck, boom truck, dumpster setting and hauling) Site Utilities (Storm water, Domestic and fire line water) Excavating- (backhoe, excavator, loader, trench-less boring) Natural and medical gas piping and welding, hydronic and electric floor heating, ultrasonic and hydrostatic leak detection, concrete cutting (slabs and walls), core drilling(.75″-12″ diameter), line and utility locating, backflow testing and repair, commercial general repair, fiberglass and armaflex pipe insulation.

Commercial Industrial

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Mechanical

Trucking Services

  • Site Utilities – Storm water, domestic water, fireservice lines, excavating, trenching, boring

  • Natural & Medical Gas Piping and Welding

  • Hydronic & Electric Floor Heating

  • Ultrasonic & Hydrostatic Leak Detection

Other Services

  • Concrete Cutting

  • Core Drilling

  • Line & Utility Locating

  • Commercial General Repair

  • Backflow Testing and Repair


To provide the customer with the very best product, both in appearance and function in a timely and cost effective manner. We strive for and achieve excellence in every job we do.


-Member of Associated Builders and Contractors
-OSHA compliant (10-40 hr.training)
-Basic first aid and CPR
-Forlift and Boom Truck certified
-Master plumbing, electrical, mechanical licences in Kansas and Missouri
-Certified Backflow testing
-Certified ASSE6010 medical gas installer
-Certified welding ASME stick, Mig
-Certified Natural gas-tite piping
-Certified fusion welding PE and HDPE pipe and fittings
-Boiler certification
-Certified Radiant and Hydronic heat installer